Dried fruits

Dried fruit—the natural, delicious between-meal snack.

Everyone is familiar with unexpected hunger pangs and the desire for a snack between meals. But must it always be chocolate, chips "and co."? No, of course not.

Dried fruits are a healthy and tasty alternative. They taste sweet, have fewer calories and still provide valuable vitamins, minerals and natural fiber. Moreover, they pack and travel well and come in a wide variety—so there is something to appeal to every taste. Our "classification" includes a wide assortment of apple rings, banana chips, pineapple rings, pears, plums, grapes, peaches, dates, apricots and figs.

For anyone who feels that's not enough variety, our product line also includes exotic dried fruits such as cranberries, slices of kiwi, dragon fruit, blueberries, kumquats, mango, mulberries, physalis, ginger, coconut chips, tangerine, mango pieces, papaya or tangerines.

The common denominator for all our dried fruit is their top-of-the-line quality. All of the fruit we offer undergoes the strictest testing, are grown and harvested using eco-friendly methods—no matter whether they are grown conventionally or organically.