Dried fruits

Dried fruits - import and wholesale

Since 1979, everything revolves around healthy dried fruit. As an importer and wholesaler, we specialize in dried fruits and nuts from all over the world, both organic and conventional. Today, 40 years of experience in import and wholesale of nuts and dried fruits are already behind us. And since 1992 we have been on the road as "organic pioneers" and were one of the first companies in Schleswig Holstein to import organic products from controlled organic farming.

From classics to exotics

Dried fruits are a healthy and delicious alternative for in between. They taste sweet, have fewer calories than other snacks, and even provide valuable vitamins, minerals and, of course, fiber. Dried fruits are therefore very popular.

Among the classics of delicious sweets in our assortment are dried apricots, figs, dates, prunes and banana chips. But also apple rings, pineapple rings, pears and peaches. Many consumers always have these dried fruits at home. After all, they are durable and there is something for every taste.

And also for friends of the exotic, there are dried fruits. For example, cranberries, kiwi slices or blueberries. But kumquats, papaya, dragonfruit or physalis are also liked to eat. Mango, tangerines, coconut chips and ginger are probably now more likely to be among the classics.

Dried fruits of excellent quality

Whether organic or conventional cultivation: a high level of product safety through the careful selection of raw materials and the fulfillment of the strictest quality standards are indispensable for us. This applies to the entire production process of our imported dried fruit. Socially acceptable and environmentally friendly conditions in production are a prerequisite for us.

We trade in products from nature. Sustainability, environmental protection and climate protection have a special significance for us and are firmly integrated into corporate management.